Syndicat Mixte d'Etudes et d'Aménagement de la Garonne

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SMEAG for Syndicat Mixte d'Etudes et d'Aménagement de la Garonne is a public institution which contributes to the water policies on the Garonne Valley, beside the State, the Water Agency and the Basin Committee. Its status are defined both by the general Code for Collectivities and the National Code of the Environment. SMEAG was created thirty years ago for the economic valuation of the Garonne valley by integrating all the themes concerning the management of the water resource: Quantitative aspects (low flows and floods), qualitative, environmental… Specific interlocutor for the Garonne catchment, SMEAG has for mission to favor the well-balanced management of the water resource and aquatic environment, the flood control and the management and conservation of the natural environment and wet areas. By watching the coherence of the policies (water, cities and country planning, agriculture, economy...) and over various scales (sub catchment, catchment and district), SMEAG appears as a main structure of solidarity for the Garonne Valley. The principles and the purposes of the sustainable development underlie the set of its missions with a concern of evaluation and continuous improvement.


By providing river-flow forecasts at key period to anticipate the evolution of water-stocks, RIFF aims to help stake-holders for a best  management of water resource reducing drought and flood risks.