Potential users

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Different meetings have been organized with our stakeholders in Paris with EPTB Grands Lacs and in Toulouse with SMEAG and have shown their great interest for the project. Following these meetings, our stakeholders have shared with us their two main databases: more than one hundred years of pseudo-natural river flows and around 45 years of related decisions. It is a clear sign of their interest and engagement.
Moreover, we have been invited to participate to a meeting of the COTECO (Coordination and Technical Committee), committee in charge of decision making, in order to introduce the prototype project. All the users of water over the Seine river catchment are represented at the COTECO (Fresh water producers, EDF…).
Interestingly, they are also willing to replay particular events (throughout the historical period) according to a protocol we are proposing in order to assess the possible impacts and benefits using the tailored seasonal forecasting information


By providing river-flow forecasts at key period to anticipate the evolution of water-stocks, RIFF aims to help stake-holders for a best  management of water resource reducing drought and flood risks.